Green hot chili peppers

IMGP9488One of the best things during the summer is that you have time to prepare some food, that usually you buy from the supermarkets. Those chili peppers are delicious, especially if you like spicy food.

And that is as ritual during my special summer mood. And they go perfect with the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers:)

Just one moment in time


I spend my summer in one place, as paradise for me, more than a decade. And that cactus was always there. During the years we became close friends. I have so many pictures of it, that one day I can tell its story. But today I just want to share with you the beauty of the flower. And if you can imagine the silence and the smell of the sea.
I want to thanks God for the luck to be able to contemplate that beauty.

Languages on the beach

IMGP9454.jpgWhen the wind stops you from swimming and staying on the beach, new friends appear and great conversations began.
Today I have talk on Spanish, English, Russian, French and Bulgarian, even I had a great conversations in Greek (a language which I totally don’t know except to say good morning, good evening, good night, cheers, hello, buy, yes and no) and in Italian (which I started learning on Duolingo).

So thank you to the wind for creating those amazing opportunities.