A swallow in the summer


When I watch that small swallow and I think of the distance it will fly for the summer, I really can only admire the nature for creating all that magic.
Yes it is magic because next summer it will return to the same place to create a family, grow its small and prepare them for the long flight.
And I will find my way back home for the winter too. I hope to be able to recognize that bird next year.

In Vino Veritas


IMGP9745The old saying “In Vino Veritas” literally means “truth from wine”, which call be translated into getting someone drunk enough can make that person to tell the truth. Old people say that when a person is drunk, she/he is the truth self. So before becoming a wine, the grape grows and take sun and all necessary stuff to became one day a great wine.
Today is the hottest day during that summer. I am sure that at night a glass of good wine will make the freshness of the night even more enjoyable. Cheers!

The crazy art of Nature

IMGP9732.jpgIf you look carefully at the picture you can see eyes, nose and two legs. It looks just like an animal, although it is a dry flower, which I find near the road.
As kid I loved to play the game in which you have to imaging what clouds look like. The winner is the person who can image the biggest number of things.
Now I am still playing that game. But without the competition element.